Timing your life insurance buy

Usually the best time to shop term life insurance is the present. You don't know what tomorrow might bring (assuming there is a tomorrow), and most people procrastinate when it comes to life insurance. So they put off buying a plan, then one day they are old and premiums are outrageous. With the current great recession, times are tough for many families. But do you have a valid excuse for waiting?

Life insurance and weight classes

You want to lose weight after the holidays so you can get a better rate. Possibly, but the weight loss may have to be substantial for you to get the lower preferred rates. For example, the max you could weight for a 6ft male for Preferred Plus rates is about 205 lbs (Transamerica's maximum). For a a 5-foot-5-inch tall female, she could weight no more than 210 lbs with Transamerica. And people rarely lose weight over the holidays. Other diseases can crop up, affecting your rate even further. So now is probably your best time to buy a life insurance policy.

Other diseases

Being overweight also increases your chances of contracting the following:

Most of these will result in the life insurance declining your application or a much higher rate. So step away from the Big Mac if you want to get great rates while shopping for life insurance.

Life insurance company competition

The competition is high between life insurance companies to get the lowest rates on the market, and ultimately get your business. Buyers should know there are policies to match every budget, especially with term life insurance. Enter your zip code above to get the most accurate quoted possible. And don't just shop one company, that would be a mistake! Visit several, so you know you are getting a solid deal.