Privacy Policy

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Your Privacy is Important to Us

We recognize our obligation to keep information about you secure and confidential. Most of the information we use in evaluating your application and servicing your policy comes to us directly from you. When you apply to for any type of insurance, you disclose information about yourself to our affiliates. The collection, use and disclosure of such information is regulated by law., its agents, affiliates and subsidiaries maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with state and federal regulations to guard your personal information. We also limit employee access to personally identifiable information to those with a business reason for knowing such information. also instructs our employees so that they understand the importance of confidentiality of personal information, and takes appropriate measures to enforce employee privacy responsibilities.

What kind of information do we collect about you and from whom? does not obtain information directly about you. The application you complete, as well as any additional information you provide, generally gives us most of the information we need to know. Sometimes we may contact you by phone or mail to obtain additional information. We may also use information about you from your other transactions with us, our affiliates, or others.

Depending on the nature of your insurance transaction, we may need additional information about you or other individuals proposed for coverage. For property coverages, we may send someone to inspect your property and verify information about its value and condition. A photo of any property to be insured might be taken. We may review insurance claims information and other loss information reports, and we may also obtain medical or financial information to adjust some claims.

We do not obtain information from third parties, such as other insurance companies, government agencies, information clearinghouses, courts and other public records.

We do not may receive consumer credit information from any consumer reporting agencies ("CRA"). Under the FCRA, you have the right to ask to be personally interviewed if we order an investigative consumer credit report. Upon request, we will tell you how to get a copy of the report. The agency that prepares a consumer report for us may retain that report and disclose it to other persons as permitted by law. If insurance coverage is declined or the charge for coverage is increased because of information contained in a consumer report we obtained from a CRA, we will tell you as required by state law and the FCRA. We also will give you the name and address of the CRA making the report.

What do we do with the traffic information collected about your visit?

Information that has been collected about your browser sessionm may be retained in both our records. We review it in evaluating our business. We will also refer to and use information in our records for purposes related to affiliates and agreements. We may use information about your session in our files for marketing purposes or to help with your overall program implementation.

We may retain information about our former customers and would only disclose that information to affiliates and non-affiliates as described in this notice.

To whom do we disclose information about you?

We usually will not disclose information about you to others unless the disclosure is necessary to conduct our business.

We do not disclose any non-public personal information about our customers or former customers, except as permitted by law.